Crazy attempts

I was a tad overly ambitious attempting waves for my full page spread. Especially when I don’t work in watercolors. Nor have I ever attempted anything water related before. I think a little addition of black micron pen might aid the situation. However, it reads really well from a distance, actually looking like waves. I’llContinue reading “Crazy attempts”

Water Droplets

What weather we’ve had today! Stormy, hail, wind and rain! Torrential downpours then bright blue skies. Ah, the start of spring! Seemed appropriate to work on a few water droplets caught on a leaf. A few days ago, I spent a bit of time wandering around the backyard looking for leaves and grasses harboring waterContinue reading “Water Droplets”


  Sunday I grabbed a little bit of time to work on a watercolor and pencil sketch of a ridge above Lahaina. There is something so beautiful about the steep drops and dramatic inclines. It was late afternoon and the shadows were becoming better and better. It was a lazy sort of day. We wanderedContinue reading “Ridges “

Morning Sketching

 Things have been rather sleepy-calm over the past couple of days. I managed to leave home without any art supplies! Argh! Not a great way to start a trip. After four days we managed to find a few things at extreme prices. This morning I unwrapped the sketchbook, pencils, and watercolor set and played.Continue reading “Morning Sketching”