Ace up their sleeve?

The doctors pulled out a different card today, kind of the last resort. Her spleen is apparently still enlarging and could possibly rupture. Radiation might help slow things down. Like with cancer  radiation can help shrink things to a more reasonable size. Evelyn is not a candidate for surgery, certain death on the table. If the spleen ruptures, then she will most likely die quickly. Kim and I were able to go visit briefly. She was very alert and didn’t want us there, kind of like normal.  Her focus was on the upcoming radiation treatment. Interestingly the normal face/oxygen mask wasn’t on but we don’t know why.

We did discover that the Evelyn Emergency System (EES) does work. Mike & Shannon, Dave & I and Lee all showed up at the hospital with in minutes of each other. Originally Lee called Kim, Kim freaked and called me, I called everyone else and posted on the blog, which reached those I don’t have in my cell phone. Kirsten & Jeff came to support their mother.  Harold and Lindsay showed up as we were all departing the hospital for lunch. We had such a nice time visiting with them both. Hopefully they had a nice visit with their neighbor on the 6th floor since Evelyn wasn’t available.

Lee was very concerned after his morning visit, which prompted the call to Kim.  Apparently Evelyn was very unresponsive when he arrived and looked bad. He stayed with her for quite a while and she didn’t seem to improve much. By 1pm, she looked similar to yesterday evening. What’s a family to do? Well, go eat, of course! The afternoon/day was spent as a family unit. Lunch together at Hop Valley Brewery.  Bowling was even suggested by Lee, which we all agreed to, but he was just kidding. Lee, Kim, Kirsten, Dave & I all returned to the Alder st house until evening. We figured that Evelyn would be too exhausted after her ordeal that a morning visit tomorrow would be better. Dave & I met up with Bryant, Mike & Shannon back in Corvallis for a schmackle at Big River.

Tom will possibly arrive in Eugene tonight. Fortunately he has Friday off from work. Evelyn will be quite happy to see him tomorrow.  We will be down there tomorrow waiting for more positive signs. All we can do is hope for the radiation to help.

On a total side note for the birders out there: There are huge numbers of bald eagles to be seen around sheep fields near the Coburg hills. Our count today on the drive down I-5 came to 13. We also saw 32 red tail hawks.

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