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Moby continues

February 24, 2020

moby more_geverettstudio2020

A bit more work today on my crazy boy. Moby is slowly emerging from his favorite blue chair. I don’t think I’ll add color to him directly, just the blue chair and shadow. I’ll have to wrap him up by Friday so other projects can get underway.

Graphite pencil and watercolor

Starting the final book

February 21, 2020

moby start

Finally, it’s started!! The drawing has quite a ways to go, but at least the pencil has hit the page. This drawing is part of the final book started by my art friend Cathe Jacobi. The book as made it around the world and has been resting on my desk for well over 1.5 years. Oh, the mental blocks that I’ve had to overcome….

The past few weeks have been packed with participating in a workshop south of the border and finishing a rat head for a show. The workshop took place in Oaxaca Mexico. Sunny, beautiful people, tasty food, amazing art and fingers in clay!  Eventually I’ll get the photos sorted and images taken of the finished fun.

In the mean time, enjoy the rat head. It’s currently on display at The Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon.


Needle felted, 100%wool, horsehair whiskers, gold leaf on plywood.

Laundry sheep to Rabbit

January 29, 2020


laundry ballsI’ve been experimenting with lots of wool work since the beginning of January. Initially I focused on funding a new piece of equipment (a drum carder from an Oregon company) by creating needle felted wool dryer balls. Halfway through this “laundry sheep” project, I gave in and bought the equipment. Arms, shoulders and back muscles are already thanking me for this choice! Three orders remain on the books to produce, thus  completing the majority of funding. Fingers crossed on accomplishing them before heading on another adventure early in February.

chestnut brown carded_geverett studio

Natural white wool is beautiful, but color grabs my attention. Last summer during the Black Sheep Gathering (an event focused on all things woolly) I couldn’t resist purchasing jacquard acid dyes. First dye experiment was a crimson that went very pink, perfect for valentine hearts. Second dye was a chestnut and gold ochre combination. The results are in the above photo. This color combination started screaming for an animal creation which lead to a rabbit.

rabbit process1rabbit process2_geverettstudio

Since we just passed lunar new year, my brain’s been thinking about the Chinese zodiac calendar. Year of the rabbit is four years away. How about creating all of the zodiac animals? I regret missing Ai Weiwei’s zodiac animals when they passed through Eugene and Portland. Maybe I should create my own!

Rabbits are a very comfortable creature to start with and Rat is following quickly. Then Ox, Tiger and the rest! Challenges keep the brain working. 🙂

rat process 1_geverettstudio

On a color side note: I combined chestnut with an Oatmeal MC1 batting from Living Felt. I didn’t work the colors together super well and that gave the stronger variation in the face. The rat is a combination of Coal MC1 from LF and chopped up natural white from my wool processing to achieve the blended gray. The core wool is from my own processing.

Border Collie completed

December 23, 2019

Border Collie face2-1

Slowly the “to do” list is decreasing as 2019 comes to a close. Today I dropped off this cute Border Collie destined to reside in California. I hope it brings joy to it’s new owner. The people sending it were thrilled with the pup. Hearts are happy all around!

I think I’ll be pushing the critter creations in 2020. They bring me joy in creation and it’s touching to see reactions from those who receive them. Spinning and dying wool are also on the list. Knowing me I’ll branch off in other directions as things sprout up (printmaking, drawing, ceramics). The super large zebra print will also be carved and printed in 2020.

As of last month, I now own a pop-up 10 x 10 vendor tent for possible arts and crafts venues. One show I will enter is the Art in the Garden event at a local garden nursery. They have a big 2 day event that draws loads of folks with quite a bit of pocket money. I love to attend it every year as a patron.

May you all have a wonderful holiday if I don’t write again in 2019!

Happy Winter!


Post Safari Ideas

November 25, 2019

Sunrise glow

It’s been 6 weeks since returning from Africa and not a peep from me regarding the trip. I managed to take thousands of images which have still yet to be figured out. Some images have already been sent off to become a 2020 calendar, others are starting to form ideas for future printmaking endeavors. Friends and family are still waiting to view images and videos taken…. I’ll get there soon!

The journey was incredible and I’m already trying to figure out how to return for another safari. So worth all the planning and air travel!!

So, what’s on  my workbench? #1- a certain book that’s very overdue. #2- a rather LARGE print block. 34″ x 24″ to be exact! I’m still blocking in the basic dark parts and probably won’t start cutting until mid December depending on other projects, but it’s started!

zebra print block start

Zebra with Oxpeckers first print will become a donation to the children’s group I support in Kenya. Hopefully my hands will be able to deal with the upcoming workout. Should be a fun experiment.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the change of season and anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Eventually I’ll get some safari photos up. Here’s a fun one while you wait…

Lioness in morning sun

Lioness in the morning sun. Maasai Mara, Kenya 2019 Gale Everett Studio


The countdown starts on both ends

September 13, 2019

Africa departure date: 22 September

Dave’s mom status: pre-active dying

Last night we actually had a quasi conversation on the phone with her. She was fairly lucid, had drunk several different items and had jello. My sister in-law had the phone on the table as she talked and worked to get Lucille to drink more from a cup. It was humorous at times with Lucille trying to spit seeds “out the window” (and there wasn’t a single pip in the drink). She seemed to know who we were but didn’t grasp the concept of not being there in person. “Come visit more” was her request, yet we live a fair distance away (Albany Oregon to Austin Texas is over 2 thousands miles apart). She got fairly jolly for a while, laughing at something. We said our goodbye and hung up.

Will that be the last time we hear her voice?

Today Tim reported she’s very peaceful resting in bed. Not agitated, not trying to fight things but picking bits of imaginary lint or strings out of the air. I’m glad she has a bit more peace today. The fighting to break out has been hard to digest even from so far away, but it’s been a fight for her life. Dementia hasn’t been part of my repertoire of diseases until Lucille was diagnosed. I’ve done some reading into it and it’s not been pretty. To think that the brain is withering away, neuron connections not making it through, a difficult path towards death for all involved. I read articles on current Alzheimer’s research and other dementia related brain disease. It helps the science side of me to grasp at the full process unfolding in our laps.

Nothing can alter the current path for Lucille. Her course is set. Arrival date unknown. We wait and hope she’s comfortable enough. Her crew that signed on to take her to the final destination have been wonderful. Hospice workers are amazing souls. My sister in-law and her family were amazing to have taken Lucille in to their home for the past 8 years. So much love surrounds this woman and her family.

We wait.


Fox Time

September 9, 2019

Digital CameraDigital Camera

I’ve been switching sites for the wildlife camera and was pleased to find a Grey Fox passing through our yard! We’re actually part of it’s nightly rounds and I have shifted from photo to video mode. Every morning I gleefully pull out the little SD card and put it into the reader slot of the computer. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe at a high enough level to post videos, so I’m unable to share the fun stuff. Maybe I’ll consider it.

Africa trip is in serious countdown mode now! Checking more items off my list but more keep appearing…..