Creating Cloth: A new experiment

The art studio is a total mess. I can barely walk into the space without stumbling over something or an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia. Yes, the clutter and bins of wool have become too much! Ok, part of the problem stems from still trying to finish off the downstairs. Mudding, sanding and eventually texturing isContinue reading “Creating Cloth: A new experiment”

Another Leaf Garment?

Since the leaf coat was so well accepted by the general public and artist community, I’ve decided to do another garment using the remaining Oregon Ash leaves.  This time smaller and using a different splash of interest, lichens! Yes, those primordial cleaners of the air, grey green,  symbiotic relationship with trees & not making muchContinue reading “Another Leaf Garment?”

Textbook Test Coat

Textbooks. You might have a couple still hanging around your garage or basement, collecting dust and mildew. Some of you might have been proactive in turning them in for cash prior to the end of finals. Unfortunately some are never returnable.You can spend$40 plus for one book. So what have I done with my extras?Continue reading “Textbook Test Coat”