Textbook Test Coat

Textbooks. You might have a couple still hanging around your garage or basement, collecting dust and mildew. Some of you might have been proactive in turning them in for cash prior to the end of finals. Unfortunately some are never returnable.You can spend$40 plus for one book. So what have I done with my extras? Years ago they headed out to the garage waiting to be recycled  once I cut the binding off with the band saw. However, I think I’ve found a new project.

I’ve discovered the joy of my old shredder. It’s not a cross-cut model, just the old straight strips. It doesn’t fit comfortably over a wast bucket. Broken plastic rattles around inside if you pick it up, but it creates even strips perfect for weaving. A friend, Marianna M.,  introduced this concept with a shredded/reassembled map of the US. The map showed a recent car trip with her mother back to the Great Lakes area. The piece was displayed several years ago so it’s not as clear in my mind, but the concept of shredding and weaving has stuck. Weaving shredded pages from a textbook.

Here are images of the first test coat produced 2 months ago.  It has yet to get past the frilly stage,but that’s ok because there is another coat in production…



Now coat#2. Larger, started the process a bit differently. Completed the front & back before moving onto the sides.  Tucked the ends back up into the weave rather than using tape or glue. Had to use glue to secure the sides prior to weaving. Interesting process and I’m not certain if it will continue. Seems to be another way to procrastinate from tackling more substantial projects.



Still working out the kinks w/ sides and sleeves. Neck and front could stand some changes as well. It’s been a fun one to play around with while watching movies (no subtitles!) or the tube. I’ll be getting back to it in a week or so after a few “must complete” tasks are finished.

Why textile -like forms? I really don’t understand it at this time. I’m not a fashion oriented sort of person. I’ve been dreaming of creating another Kimono (first one was in clay & anagama fired) and woven paper might be the next try. It will probably remain a dream for quite a while.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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