Shoji Birdhouse Lamp

How often have I started a project with one thing in mind only to shift towards, well, something a bit different. Since I have not posted my original ideas/drawings, you would have no idea what I’ve been thinking.  The birdhouse deadline is fast approaching and many artists have already dropped their work off. Will I get it completed in time?

The roof structure has become a thorn in this project. Initially envisioned as walnut or maple and in four sections, like a carriage lamp structure, it shifted to a trussed wood roof. Last night it shifted yet again to stay with original materials of paper and spruce/balsa wood framing. I think this is the best solution yet!

The below image is showing the interior framing of the roof structure. I would love to leave the wood exposed. Unfortunately I utilized short spans of wood rather than interlocking longer lengths. This did not provide enough support to keep it together after  attaching the backing paper. An additional cover paper will be applied. Should look lovely with the lights on!

Below image: nice shadowing from roof structure.

After covering the second roof side and gently resting on the structure.

Originally I had hoped to create a hinged roof structure but time has run out. Now I need to figure out roof trusses/support so the whole thing can be lifted off to change the bulb. That is today’s challenge. Oh, then there are the cut paper designs to work on plus a couple more finish coats to apply to the base, and electrical parts.

Will it be completed by Saturday???? We shall see!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Shoji Birdhouse Lamp

    1. Thanks Cynthia!BTW The base for your unit is being finished along with the birdhouse.
      Now if the pain just stays away today…. things could really move along!

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