Cramming in a bit more

Hand colored block print
Hand colored block print

I’ve been trying to plan my next escape to the coast, hoping for a full week of solitude for drawing and designing. Which week do I choose and do I take the dog? Well, now it’s been pushed off until late July due to everyone wanting to use the house over the next multiple weeks. Plus my next 8 days has totally shifted towards one goal: a garden art sale on June 27th. Last night I received a message from a friend, Rhoda Fleischman (amazing ceramic artist, painter and sculptor), inviting me to fill a vacant spot in her garden event. There will be 12 artists participating, plus food, music and the big kiln opening at noon! Not only is it pairing art with a beautiful garden, but it’s a benefit for one of the local food groups. A percentage of all art and food sales will be donated to the Calapooia Food Alliance! Art AND a good cause!

What to take? That’s always the big question! Since this happens to be taking place in a beautiful garden, I’ll be bringing as much botanical work as possible. Today I’m hand coloring camas prints created several years back. It’s been one of those jobs waiting on the back burner and this is the perfect opportunity to get them out of the studio. I’ve also pulled out hand colored Shooting Star prints (a native plant) plus hand cut paper botanical silhouettes. Dog prints, lamps, and the camas sculptures will join in the fun too. I’m not certain about my newer waxed work. Frames need to be created and I have a very limited amount of time. Those might just wait for the Philomath Open Studio tour in October, but it would be loads of fun to have some of the birds on display! We will see how creative I can get over the next 8 days!

The location is : 25672 Gap Rd, Brownsville OR

Open from 10-4pm Saturday June 27th!

Kiln opening at noon – Music at 2pm – Should be a lovely time for all!

Garden Sale Poster

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Cramming in a bit more

    1. Glad you like the prints. I finished 6 for the show. Probably pop in some of my other odd pieces and see what happens. Yes, life is certainly feeling full!

    1. I might pop some of those into the Open Studio tour for October. We should have a larger crowd and more folks interested in that sort of thing. 🙂

    1. We shall see what sort of turn out it gets. First year and hopefully there will be more! Not that I’ll necessarily be involved, just lucky someone else canceled this year!

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