Sunday Frog

   I had to share a photo from this morning. The Pacific Treefrog (pseudacris regilla) wasn’t terribly camouflaged as it rested on top of a Heuchera. We hear them around the yard but don’t often find their hiding location. It’s always nice to find amphibians in the yard. 

Tree rings

No dog drawings today. Instead, I set about transferring and starting cuts on the tree ring portion of what will become my submission to the Rot Project. Growth rings are not the easiest to cut and I’m not even certain I like where it’s currently heading, but time will tell. The conifer tree I referencedContinue reading “Tree rings”

Unfinished Moby

Some days one gets inspired and then it fades…. So was the case with the Moby image today. He was laying on a sofa with his paws dangling off the edge and head resting at an odd angle over one of the fore legs. I started with graphite and never quite captured his nose and eyesContinue reading “Unfinished Moby”

Coastal Research & Weeding

Over Memorial Weekend, we stayed in Yachats at the family house. We spent a large majority of the weekend working on yard chores, but we did take a good break Sunday for a little forest research. Cape Perpetua is situated a few miles south of Yachats along Hwy 101. There are numerous trails and a great visitorContinue reading “Coastal Research & Weeding”

Letting the light through

The skinny cuts seems to have held together, nothing ripped or distorted too terribly much. Next step will be figuring out what color to tint the paper and the overall size/shape. More to contemplate through the weekend. Fortunately, I’ll be working on research for the project while getting away for a few days.  

Back to Letters

I packed up the collaboration book today for it’s journey to Australia. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit FedEx since the electric car lacked charge. Our only gas vehicle was in use by Dave as he played host to work visitors from India and China.  Today was spent working on enlarging my grandfather’s writing toContinue reading “Back to Letters”

Collections Project

The Collections collaboration book is finally ready to leave the desk! A feeling of relief washed over me as I completed the last portion of the book. It was started by Minnesota artist Cathe Jacobi. You can check out her blog  Amaryllislog HERE. Her book was the first to arrive and I now have a taste of adding work intoContinue reading “Collections Project”

Dog Distractions

I’m not certain what’s happened to this weekend, except we have an extra dog. Ms Maggie came for a short visit while her parents have a dog free mini-vacation. She’s not a stranger to our home, typically visiting several times a year. This particular visit has been extra enjoyable, probably due to only having one dog and theContinue reading “Dog Distractions”

Half Spread

Finally a touch of wild colors and crazy things. Along with the urchin test and magnolia seedpod, I’ve added a weird drawing utensil. At least, I think it’s a drawing tool! It’s from the strange collection acquired by my dad and his mother. Eventually the bones will show themselves on the other page…., well, maybe. So farContinue reading “Half Spread”

Adding & Testing

Rot Project Update: I always enjoy attending critique group and last night didn’t fail. Although my selection of current work was rather slim, I took four of the most recent paper cuttings. The big thing I took away from the group (something I already knew in the back of my brain) was the need toContinue reading “Adding & Testing”