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The Collections collaboration book is finally ready to leave the desk! A feeling of relief washed over me as I completed the last portion of the book. It was started by Minnesota artist Cathe Jacobi. You can check out her blog  Amaryllislog HERE. Her book was the first to arrive and I now have a taste of adding work into the collaboration. Two more books to go!

On the first page I added marbles from my childhood collection. They seemed appropriate to accompany the Atlas jar.

Opening page of the Collections Book by Cathe Jacobi.
Opening page of the Collections Book by Cathe Jacobi.

Next Page: Cathe’s stones and feathers have such a delicate feeling. I too have quite a pile of stones but thought it would be better to add a few bone drawings. The skulls are overhead sketches of a bird (from a friend at the coast), and the more menacing one was extracted from an owl pellet a few months back. I got a bit pen crazy on the vole skull!

First spread is a collaboration page.
First spread is a collaboration page.

Cathe’s full spread is elegant and beautifully arranged. Her lettering is well crafted and placed on the page….. I’m totally in love with her subject and style!

Cathe Jacobi's full page spread.
Cathe Jacobi’s full page spread.

For my full spread, I went eclectic. It was difficult to choose items because I have so many things tucked all over the studio. Shells, bones, seedpods and tools survived the eraser. Actually, there was an awful lot of eraser work that happened on this spread and the walrus tooth and fish jaw didn’t make the finals. I’m thankful Cathe used really good paper to withstand the changes! So what’s on the page? I included a wishbone waiting for a wish, a welk and urchin shell, magnolia and iris seedpods, ginkgo leaf, and a mystery tool that has been solved thanks to Cathe, Anna and Karen. The items were arranged as I worked through the page. The lettering (like my brain and studio) was haphazardly placed throughout the work.

Gale Everett's full page spread. Samples from the studio collection.
Gale Everett’s full page spread. Samples from the studio collection.

The book will now travel to Australia and the desk of Anna Warren and finally to Karen Bailey to finish thing off. I still have a couple of little things to add, but it should head out by Wednesday!

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16 thoughts on “Collections Project

  1. This is such a beautiful book – you and Cathe have such a light touch. The subject matter is quirky and interesting, the handwriting adds another personal touch, its something I could keep coming back to … I am really looking forward to working on this, I hope I don’t spoil it!

    1. Anna, I don’t think you could spoil anything! Your concentration and attention to detail is phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what you put down on the page. It’s heading your direction today! 🙂

      1. Oh thank you Gale – I keep telling myself to get over myself and get on with it! I have to stop tweaking my fungi drawing, the book will be on its way to you today!

  2. Gale, I’m so incredibly in awe and humbled by what you have created. You have inspired me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your work is so detailed and inticing. I could look at it all day. I love that you added text too. You have such a beautiful style!

    On another note, I forgot to put something on your first page! Your book might need to route back to me before returning to you. I feel terrible that I completely missed it!

    1. Cathe, you’re more than welcome. This project feels we are all sending love out into the world, to people we’ve never formally met, but feel a connection towards. It’s a gift to participate in a project like this.

      No worries about the first page. If you would like, I’ll make sure it travels back your direction!
      I added maple seeds and a feather from my ancient cockatiel to the dangling bits. I decided not to fix the shell since it would only be crushed as it travels to Australia. 😦

  3. Great work Gale, I love how you have added onto Cathe’s story. This will be a really interesting book with the handwriting as well. I have just posted my work on Anna’s book and it has been fun and inspiring to see what we have all done on each other’s books. We are all ready now for round three. Karen

    1. I’m hoping to send the book off today to Anna. It depends on if the car gets enough charge. The downfalls of electric vehicles, you have to remember to plug them before the next days use!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying this collaboration. It’s been a fun experience thus far. Looking forward to the next 2 books. 🙂

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