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I packed up the collaboration book today for it’s journey to Australia. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit FedEx since the electric car lacked charge. Our only gas vehicle was in use by Dave as he played host to work visitors from India and China. 

Today was spent working on enlarging my grandfather’s writing to a size I can manipulate. Initially I tried a silly tracer projector that doesn’t work worth a darn. Then I moved on to working with the scanner and computer. It might have gone faster if I had loaded it into the photoshop program on the OTHER computer, but it just seemed too painful to work on 3 machines. Maybe, someday, all the machines will communicate together easily. Tomorrow I’ll lay out the script and start cutting. Hopefully I have enough xacto blades to work through the piece. 

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Back to Letters

  1. Ah, technology! Remember when fax machines were the greatest!

    I was thinking about your grandfather’s handwriting and how there are programs where you can create your own font. Just a thought anyway.

    I’m looking forward to what this becomes! Good luck Gale!

    1. Thanks Cathe. Since I’m not planning on much text for this particular piece, I’ll stick to the old fashioned way of working through it. Very interesting to know about the font program. Very interesting indeed!
      My goal for this project is to make it a hand-cute piece. No machine cutting, but a machine can aid getting to the cutting stage!

    1. I procured additional wood working tools last weekend to help make part of the process easier. Of course, it doesn’t help the paper cutting process, but any little bit helps!

    1. I thought I would get a finger break this weekend, but the yard work bumped up the swelling again. Yes, more medication and ice for the next couple of weeks.

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