Paper cutting

After one week I’ve managed to pull together the start for 4 lanterns in Gold, Lacquer Red, Celery Green and Burgundy. A second Copper color is also ready for cutting. One discovery this week has been the importance of sharp blades. It makes all the difference on one’s hand/finger muscles. Yes, muscles are a tad sore. Need to work on better breaks and more ergonomic positions.  Maybe laser cutting might be the answer. Time will tell. Still uncertain if this will lead to something or not. One piece has been requested for another auction donation in Houston Texas (late October). The purchaser of the first luminaria has already requested a second for their home in Corvallis. They will get first choice of the completed five.

There is also quite a bit of by-product with all the cuts. I’m pretty certain the scrap will become something else in the near future. I even have ideas for the lamps themselves.

Cleaning of the luminarias is also a big question right now.  Unprotected paper loves to grab dust and dirt and not let go. I’ve been reading about resins combined with bees wax that can form a water resistant surface.  More research and testing will be required.


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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