Birdhouse project: step 2

“Where Birds Dream…” birdhouse project update Yesterday was definitely an unproductive day. However Tuesday and today have been quite good. This is where I’m up to: After finishing the foam core model, I shifted into creating frames from spruce. For the previous lamp/luminaria, the frames were constructed using balsa wood. Easy to cut, very lightContinue reading “Birdhouse project: step 2”

Birdhouse start

Project: “Where Birds Dream” birdhouse show at The Arts Center Project Due date: November 10-13 Today’s Date: October 26 Nothing like cutting projects close. But the big question is will it be finished in time? So yesterday I finally pulled out the foam core and started hacking. I had a general size idea in myContinue reading “Birdhouse start”

Checking off projects

Seems like it’s been a while since posting any images of current lantern projects. Pregnancy has slowed me down a tad in energy and enthusiasm, but hopefully things are looking more rosy in the coming weeks. Texas Donation: Only missing the lamp guts. A Monday trip to my local lighting shop should take care ofContinue reading “Checking off projects”

What the cats bring in

Living with two cats can be quite lovely but devastating to the local environment. Yes, I know we should keep them as indoor only cats, but our current household situation doesn’t quite allow it. I have great guilt over the issue of allowing cats outdoors. Growing up with an avid birdwatcher and nature conservationist makesContinue reading “What the cats bring in”