Birdhouse project: step 2

“Where Birds Dream…” birdhouse project update

Yesterday was definitely an unproductive day. However Tuesday and today have been quite good. This is where I’m up to:

After finishing the foam core model, I shifted into creating frames from spruce. For the previous lamp/luminaria, the frames were constructed using balsa wood. Easy to cut, very light weight and fairly durable. The spruce was more sturdy and easier to not make large mistakes with. About double the expense per stick.

Rather than butt joints on the corners I created lap joints for better strength. Not terribly pretty, but they will do the job. Slap in some wood glue and voila. It’s likely I’m not utilizing the proper joint terminology. Woodworking is not second nature to me.

Now the basic structure is visible. Again, the blue is painters tape to hold the structure together for the photo. Sand some of the edges and off to the next step.

Paper time! I found some nice mulberry paper in a drawer just needing to become part of this project. The 2 sheets are very large and should cover front, back and the roof with ease.

They are looking more like shoji screens now. On to the back cover…

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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