Birdhouse start

Project: “Where Birds Dream” birdhouse show at The Arts Center

Project Due date: November 10-13

Today’s Date: October 26

Nothing like cutting projects close. But the big question is will it be finished in time?

So yesterday I finally pulled out the foam core and started hacking. I had a general size idea in my noggin but have not even done any sketches. Everything has been residing inside the brain. Figuring out the basic structure and roof line has been my main worry. Since it will be a lamp there needs to be ventilation out the top for heat. Certainly don’t want to create something to catch fire! Yikes! As long as the purchaser uses a 25 watt bulb or LOWER it will be fine.

Basic structure images: Very much along the same lines as the lamps I’m currently creating. Panels are 6″ x 12″. The blue stuff is painters tape. A very handy reusable tape! Plus it’s less expensive than artist tape.

The roof structure has been an interesting dilemma. Do I go fancy or simple? At this stage of the game, simple will be best! I’m just using scrap foam core to give a general look.

More to come later! This is my week to crank it out.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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