Checking off projects

Seems like it’s been a while since posting any images of current lantern projects. Pregnancy has slowed me down a tad in energy and enthusiasm, but hopefully things are looking more rosy in the coming weeks.

Texas Donation: Only missing the lamp guts. A Monday trip to my local lighting shop should take care of that.

Commissioned piece: Frames are ready for final front cut paper to be attached and edges trimmed. Base needs sanding and 3 layers of paint then lamp parts inserted. Getting so close!

Altered leaf forms: stained glass look. This is a new thought along the same lines but adding additional color behind the cut leaves.

Kind of fun seeing the difference between standard light vs. back light. There might be something to this style but it will have to wait… one more project due in November! “Where Birds Dream” birdhouse project for the Arts Center.  When it gets rolling, I’ll be posting “in progress” images like last year. It will be a lamp in the end, since that’s my thing these days!

And yes, I really am pregnant. Maybe that too was a project I’ve been waiting for to surface.  Life will be changing dramatically in our household.  Starting to think of a studio outside the house!

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7 thoughts on “Checking off projects

  1. So…the cat is officially outta the bag! (Wonder where that old phrase originates? Probably something we’d rather not know…)

    Congrats on these pieces and on The NEWS!!!


    1. that darn cat! 😉
      I came close to telling the group last night and opted just to tell Inge & Deb. Let me know if you like the red leaf design or if you want the original one.

      Chris- I have No idea what you said in Japanese. Care to translate?

      Thanks Jean for your support!

      1. It’s one of those difficult to translate phrases, which is why I left it that way. (Been here too long already–again…)

        It’s a phrase commonly used for the newly expecting. It’s “omedetai-ko desu ne.”

        The first word carries the nuance of congratulations in many contexts. It’s essential meaning has more to do with “happy circumstance.” I’ve seen “auspicious” in dictionaries. The 子 on the end means child, but in this context it’s more like, what, well, a lot of women’s names in it. It’s sort a casual reference like “that gal”, in a nice way.

      2. Oh no…choices! I love them all. I like the black…and the green is a good hot color, but I think I’ll stick with the leaves… Thanks!

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