wood sweepings

The last couple of days have been spent, in part, hanging out with the cats and woodworking tools in the garage. The lamp base numbers have dwindled to zero and that means someone (ME) has to get busy.  I purchased a couple of 6ft hemlock boards to create bases. After the initial cuts, I had 18 bases! Yippee!  Then came the table saw. The first cuts went fine but the next setting screwed up 3. This makes me realize  I really need to get my band saw up and running. It would have eliminated the major mistakes from the saw blade. Now I’m into sanding, adding an additional block, drilling, more sanding and finally staining and varnishing. Eventually I’ll have a finished product. Hopefully before Wednesday of next week!  Thursday work is due for the new shop.

Since this is a new endeavor, I feel  terribly uncomfortable with the whole thing. It’s forcing me to move outside my comfort zone. I guess this is where personal growth occurs,  but I keep dragging my feet. People might actually buy my creations! What a foreign concept! I might get over this hurdle once money starts coming back my direction. 🙂

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Wood

  1. So impressed with your wood working skills, that is a satisfying pile of shavings, you are working up a storm. I don’t see much evidence of feet dragging. Karen. Ps your lamps are fabulous they will be snapped up in a moment.

    1. Karen!
      I would really like to do more with wood, but currently the space is difficult to work from. I only create what I need for the moment. My father was a woodworker and I even took a class back in junior high. What I know is very little, but it keeps me moving forward with projects.
      I appreciate your blog support and hope others feel the same way about the lamps! 🙂

  2. The reality of being an artist is so much more mundane than people imagine, sawing and selling, not quite the daubing on the Mediterranean that I always fantasised about 🙂

    1. Oh so true! I never figured I would be all parts of business: initial concept/invention, design & manufacturing, marketing, bookkeeping and selling. I think this is why I’ve not pushed a particular product line, but I feel like I need to at this point. 🙂

      1. I’m preparing for 6 exhibition over the next 3 months and then …. and then …. I’ll have to really knuckle down to get an effective selling strategy worked out. phew!

      2. Oh my goodness! 6?!! Wow! Go Rosie Go!
        Let me know if you ever figure out an effective selling strategy for the prints. I would love to hear your approach! 🙂

      3. Getting the Bath openings over with tonight then a few days off then some invigilating then a brief holiday in Vienna THEN……look at marketing!

      4. have a great time in Bath. Wow, what a project!
        I’m jealous of your vacation…

      5. We’ve wanted to go for years and I just thought that’s it, we’ll do it. Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and the Secession and a bit of Expressionism thrown in ….. bliss. Luckily, European cities are pretty quick and cheap from the UK.

      6. Ah, yes a perfect destination for you and your art loves! Looking forward to seeing sketches from the trip.

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