3 red, 2 lavender, 1 black, & 1 green with yellow. It sounds like a magical concoction that would lead to some interesting art project, but alas  it’s not. The colors refer to blood collection vials to check my body for a bunch of stuff. CBC, ESR, Uric Acid, RA factor, CMP, CRP, ANA,, HLA-B27. Whew, quite a mouth full, but hopefully it will unlock worsening pain issues. In my brain, it’s a toss up between Psoriatic and Rheumatoid arthritis. Which one will it be? Or will it be something totally different?  I’ll find out in a few weeks. My vein didn’t appreciate all the blood sucking. The phlebotomist had to switch arms to get enough blood. At this point, I have to realize my jogging/ running days are over. Walking, biking, and swimming need to fill the exercise void.

I’m hoping to get a break from house stuff soon. Maybe by April 1st or 2nd.  I have a print due April 15th and I really really want it done! Can I have my old life back yet???


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Vials

  1. It does sounds like the base of an interesting project, maybe when you are through this you could use it. Hope they work out what’s going on, not knowing is hard. At least when you know you can work on dealing with it. Could it come from stress, all the family issues you have been dealing with? Thinking of you, hope everything improves soon.

    1. Anna,
      It does sound like a project!! Years back I wanted to do a piece involving hypodermic needles and vials. Several of my cockatiels were poisoned by zinc bird toys. I had to inject them 2x per day with meds. They all survived but it was rather traumatic experience. Life is never boring!
      Stress hasn’t helped and could also be part of it. I’ll find out more in a few weeks as the results roll in.
      Thanks for your kind comment! 🙂

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