Quiet but busy


The rain has finally come back to us after many days of beautiful sunshine. It’s needed since the pollen counts have been dreadful. I’ve been trying to gain a better grasp of organizing my time between all sections of life. I feel more glued to the computer, anticipating things popping up from work, artists slowly resubmitting images for a show, and trying to organize my thoughts for the installation work due by September 1. Back in May, it seemed so far away, but now it doesn’t seem long enough. The next two weeks will be more swamped with the final house sale. Inspections happen today. After that, there will be more negotiations for fixes. I certainly learned my lesson with the last house sale back in April, so I won’t be negotiating much. They have already received a pretty darn good deal and I won’t give more.

Physical therapy for my foot starting next week. I’ve been trying a few additional things to see if diet has influenced the swelling. Last week I dropped the last evil food: processed sugar. Can we say withdrawal? Talk about lethargy and total sweets craving!  At least it’s getting easier now. Alcohol has been fully dropped (except for special occasions), along with absolutely no corn, dairy or soy. Right now I can’t say it’s helped much, but the pain has lessened a bit. I’m also 10 day into a 30 day abs program. The muscles are finally strengthening, but I dread everyday’s increase. Now, I need to step up cross training on bike or swimming.

It’s been weeks since I’ve worked on a lantern. The push to get enough together for the new shop was plenty. However, my home stock levels are down to 2 completed, which is pretty pathetic. Even if I don’t sell any over the summer, I’ll need a fairly good level for Philomath Open Studio tour in October/November. Better to spread things out over the coming months rather than lump it all in October. There are also experiments I need to start working on, but still not certain when to fit that into life.

Dave leaves Monday for 3 days in Boston. 2 days of travel and one full day there. I’m hoping that will be a perfect time to just settle into artwork with no one to worry about. Ok, the dogs are still in need, but I’ve become very good at shutting them out of the studio. Poor guys! I can’t even take them walking right now due to the foot pain. Not a good situation for them.

Halsey is excited about their upcoming installation. Information and photos of the model were passed along. The school children in town will also receive additional connection with the work through the education section at The Arts Center. Since my work touches on many things (botany, first nation people, valley history, & recycling), teachers might be able to have a fun time using it with a lesson plan. I’m still gathering materials from different sources and hope to get seriously working on it next week (in-between everything else on my plate!) Life certainly isn’t boring! I’m still craving going to the coast…. but that will have to wait until July.

Time to get working on something… I just don’t know what to choose!


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Quiet but busy

  1. If you need any help in adjusting your diet, let me know. My life has completely changed since I started eating clean. Read labels. Sugar is in everything and it has many names. Also, are you avoiding processed food? I’ve got some books you can read and some great recipes if you want to mix up things. Pinterest can be an amazing resource. I can share links. My asthma and coughing are nearly gone and I haven’t had any stomach issues in about 7 weeks. It takes 30 days for things to leave the system, so don’t give up.

    1. I’m pretty programmed to read labels for all my other food issues, I just have to remind myself of the extra things. I don’t eat processed food for the same reason. I hardly eat out. Pretty much home cooking.
      I’m so glad your asthma and coughing has greatly reduced!!!! Hurray!!! This means you will be enjoying your summer even more!!!! Only one week left then freedom!!!
      You’re such an awesome friend!

    1. yes, I feel like I’m living in a blender right now! Everything whirling around at high speed. 🙂
      Hugs to you all as you head off on your vacation! Catch a fish for us! 🙂

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