Last fall I ventured into Corvallis’s newest yarn shop “Stash” and discovered a wonderful selection of Oregon crafted fibers. Since then I’ve been slowly discovering the joy of working with yarn, even dragging skeins here and there to wind or start projects. Public crafting!!! Yikes!!  The trip to Texas back in June helped start my newest endeavor seen below. All the extra time in hospitals and doctor offices have helped move things farther.

My current color is green.

After creating multiple scarves, I’ve finally decided to create other useful items that incorporate felting. A friend is teaching a felting class this July at Sitka that I had hoped to attend, but it filled quickly. So now I have the desire but no instruction except for the internet.

The first cover (above) was created for a Kindle. Now I’m working on a sleeve for the Nook that will also include a loop for a button. My sister wants one too but maybe in a different color. The challenge is figuring out how much the yarn shrinks and adding that into the design. Maybe I need to visit Stash for more yarn! Crazy Days sales are happening in downtown Corvallis and I know the shop just happens to have 20% off!  🙂

I’ve also started knitting but that hasn’t gone terribly far. My grandmothers old needles work fine but would love to get a set of the circular ones with different tips. They take up a lot less room than traditional long needles!

There is also a different design in the works on a long crochet hook. Too bad it’s been months since working on it because I’ve forgotten how the stitch goes or what it’s even called. At least it was fun to start! Probably time for a little deconstruction to figure it out. I used acrylic yarn to start this sample.

Lee seems to be feeling better every day since the new blood. Let’s just hope it continues!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Yarn

  1. Hmmm….looks like you are a good candidate for test squares! Tricky part is it would be most reliable if you used squares made from the yarn you actually want to use, however, if you plan well, these test squares would end up being the perfect size for coasters! (put a sweet little decorative stitch on the outside, and voila! you can sell your experiments!) Robin O’Gara, our friend in Eugene, has been doing a lot of things with felting – she picks up old wool sweaters and felts them in her washing machine, then cuts them up and makes things. She might be a person to ask? We are friends on Facebook, so you could send her a message if you wanted. BTW – I love that green! Ever since I started knitting, I’ve been aquiring far too much yarn, but it is so beautiful, and I love to walk through a yarn store and fondle all the skeins.

    1. Robin! I remember her! I’ve done some sweater felting and then stitching sections together. My sewing machine had a few issue with it. I kept trying to convince my sister into doing the stitching FOR me, but no luck. She IS the quilter of the family.
      Yes, test squares would be a smart thing, but I don’t often operate that way. 🙂

  2. First, I’m glad your dad is feeling better.
    You can’t felt acrylic yarn can you?
    Ah, I like this direction for you. Can spinning be far behind? And then that leads to sheep. And wool. Next year.

    1. Oh, how did you know! My cousin Marilyn was asking me a few weeks ago if I wanted a spinning wheel that’s out in Maine. Not certain if it will really happen, but maybe! 🙂
      And no, acrylic doesn’t felt. Wool only. Gosh, I even know someone with sheep! hehehe

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