Bone marrow failure

Today’s stats: platelet count down to 9k. White blood cell level down to 1.4. Her bone marrow is not producing any blood.

Mental state is total denial of what’s happening to her body.

She is not going out without a fight.

Jenny the nurse has been on the receiving end of her attitude shift. They had some sort of tiff between them today, but fortunately she has the next 3 days off. Talk of hospice also didn’t go well. When Lee  visited, he was directed to feed her ice chips for well over an hour even though she can do it herself. Kim, Dave & I arrived around noon and stayed for 45 minutes with her until she told us to leave. Kim and I both feed her some ice as well. What little control of life she has she is taking and demanding the bone marrow biopsy on Monday.  Trying to boss around the nurses and family will continue as well.

Checking the web I’ve run across a disorder called aplastic anemia which seems to match her marrow problems.  It’s characteristics are slow to no production of any blood cells (as you may remember, there are 3 types of blood cells the marrow produces).  Not all bone has marrow to create blood. The stem cells in bone marrow creates the blood. In younger people harvested stem cells can be inserted into a bone and it is possible for it to start producing blood again. However Evelyn will not fit into this category.  The marrow biopsy will let her know that nothing else can be done. Maybe then she will accept it and allow the discussion of hospice to start.

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4 thoughts on “Bone marrow failure

  1. I guess we come in kicking and screaming, no fault going out the same way–tho it does make it hard on everyone. Hope your blogging is helping you keep your sanity as well as a record of this all you will be glad to have later because hopefully you will have forgotten how yucky it all was sooner than later.
    xxoo, Cynthia

  2. There is a time and place for spunk and it sounds like E has decided that if not now then when?! Know that it’s okay to feel very sad one moment and then really frustrated with her the next.

    How is your Dad holding up?

  3. How did this all evolve? Doctors reactive instead of pro-active? We are having a hard time grasping all of this as I’m sure all of you are struggling to cope. Mary Everett wants to send a card & I’m not sure I have a current Eugene address for anyone. Is Lee receiving mail on Alder St.? Keeping our fingers crossed all will be resolved with answers. Love to all. I’m searching for some vintage photos to send via email. Love, Marilyn, Ron, & Sparky dog

    1. When Evelyn left Eugene back on Jan 15 for the coast, her blood levels were all excellent, oxygen absorption at 95-99%, congestive heart failure was present but not on a downward spiral. Fluid was still heavy in her lungs. Her nutrition levels were not good because she wasn’t feeding herself hardly anything. We really don’t know how much nutrition her body was taking in before leaving the facility. She was not a healthy camper going into her heart surgery but convinced herself and her cardiologist that she was. Why the bone marrow failure? There was probably some underlying condition, possibly related to the CREST syndrome that pushed her system to self destruct. The one good thing that can come from her bone biopsy,possible answers for researchers. For her, it will not help. Lee said she was less responsive this morning. He has headed to the coast and has stopped by the funeral home to arrange her cremation.
      They do not receive mail at the home. Please post it to: PO Box 51107, Eugene Oregon, 97405.
      We would all love to see the photos you have. Thanks Marilyn! Hugs to you all-

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