Check list

Whew, this has been a full day. Here were some of the things checked off my list: New project completed and delivered! Positive comments flowed from some of the exhibition committee members packing up the plankton show. No completed photos yet. I’ll take some once the show opens. A little time away from the pieceContinue reading “Check list”

Project #201

It’s actual name is the Brain Conversation #201. I find myself having lots of inner dialogs as I flesh out new concepts or work thru challenging projects. This particular piece has been in the works for several years. The invitation to participate in Corvallis Fall Festival’s Fine Arts Showcase during the month of September finallyContinue reading “Project #201”

Sunday Balloon Launch

We almost always make it to the  Northwest Art & Air Festival, especially to see the hot air balloons. Some years I participate in the World Wide Sketchcrawl on Saturday to sketch balloons. Other years, we just chase after them to watch them land and pack up. This year, the festival launch on Friday wasContinue reading “Sunday Balloon Launch”

Upcoming art interests

Finally, a little art news! There are two upcoming shows, back to back that I’ll be participating in at the Arts Center in Corvallis. First up is for the month of September. The piece is still in the works but stands a pretty good chance of getting completed before the drop-off date next week. PhotosContinue reading “Upcoming art interests”