Obit and Wake

I heard my dad’s obit (the very generalized one) came out in yesterday’s Register Guard. Mike found a great photo taken out in Yachats long before the cancer diagnosis. He is currently working on a more through obituary to actually talk about Lee’s life.

We are planning a celebration of my fathers life on September 8th from 2 to 6pm in Eugene.

For further information, please email me at

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6 thoughts on “Obit and Wake

  1. So glad there will be a celebration to honor him and a chance for each of you to share in his legacy. The photo is great. xo

    1. Thanks Ella. I’ve been getting phone calls from the funeral home with interested people. I’m kind of glad not to have posted all the family plans in the newspaper. It’s allowing some screening to happen, which is possibly good… maybe bad. We’ll find out!

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