Sketching Sheep



Coming to a workshop fairly unprepared isn’t the greatest feeling, especially when images are what it’s all about! Fortunately, my computer was loaded with a variety of photos so I spent some time sketching before the second print. I’ve spent the last many months working on dogs images, so why not switch to a different critter?! Sheep!  To tell you the truth, I’ve never drawn a sheep before in my life and my sketching has become dis-attached from brain to hand. I think this is my new goal, to improve the attachment between these two areas. Anyway, the ewes belong to my very good friends Carol & Harry. We spent Easter afternoon watching mothers and lambs graze on new grass and romp about. What a beautiful day! I doubt I could have captured them so clearly if I had attempted to work in the field. I probably should give it a try. Live moving models are a big challenge! The top image was the one I chose to work from for monotype #2. Rather a big challenge to portray the woolly-ness of these gals in flat art!

The amazing sculptor Henry Moore published a book on his sheep sketches in 1972. I think I’m going to find a copy cause it’s pretty cool! Mary, one of the workshop participants, brought a copy in for me to look through. He had quite a good hand!


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