Dogs on Display

It’s official, the dogs are really up. This is the first 2 person show I’ve done since my senior exhibit back in 2003. Kind of scary, but good. Check out the site at The Arts Center or better yet, get in there and see it for yourself. It will be up until May 25. ArtContinue reading “Dogs on Display”

Blue Ball

The 12th and final image for the show. Rogue is finally printed. The images will be on display from April 30 to May 25  in the Corrine Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center of Corvallis OR. Oh, there has been a request for all the images on cards (Maria!) and it could happen. I’ll startContinue reading “Blue Ball”

Crazy Fur

The elusive Zeek starting to emerge… Eventually I’ll have to start work on his nose.  Labradoodles have the craziest coats, curls in one area then wavy hair in others. Beards too, kind of like Moby. Maybe that’s why I enjoy their look. Proofed in a new Burnt Sienna ink, just for the fun of it.Continue reading “Crazy Fur”

Working through problems

Sleeping dog in sun.  Feet and body in shadows. Warm daylight. I’m amazed the grainy texture is slowly disappearing as new colors are scraped over the top. The image becomes more resolved as it moves along, an interesting process to witness. My cousin recently commented “for someone who claims not to paint, it’s awfully painterly!”Continue reading “Working through problems”

Back to the chair

It’s hard to shift gears and revisit a print with issues, but I hope to be able to save it since the show is days away. Hidden under piles of other print materials, I managed to locate all the reference paperwork for the image. I work from a color, black and white plus a previousContinue reading “Back to the chair”

Blue Dog: Is it finished??

How much more can I go? Well, it looks like one more step might do it.  Right now, the image is not fully resolved. My value shifts were not dramatic enough to really push the coat changes (which makes it readable from a greater distance). So, now I ponder creating one more screen using aContinue reading “Blue Dog: Is it finished??”