Looking Nifty

A basket of finished towels! Not a bad site to behold. They still need one good washing before a hot iron and packaging of some sort. The jury is still out on which towel is the best. I’ll let consumers be the best judge. Why did I choose these two colors? The blue and orange-yellow?Continue reading “Looking Nifty”

Blue Fern

With the depressing state of the US government, I’ve decided to take a few days off from social media to work on art projects. First on the list is completing a small edition of the screen print tea towels. The fern image required a bit of touch-up before moving forward. Half of the morning wasContinue reading “Blue Fern”

Running out the door

I just wanted to show the finished piece before running off to Eugene. Everything is glued and functioning. Hurrah! They really are a cozy light source. This will be going up on Etsy soon. Another maple leaf in red has already started… 🙂

Blue Dog: Is it finished??

How much more can I go? Well, it looks like one more step might do it.  Right now, the image is not fully resolved. My value shifts were not dramatic enough to really push the coat changes (which makes it readable from a greater distance). So, now I ponder creating one more screen using aContinue reading “Blue Dog: Is it finished??”

Darkening the dog

There are always parts I want to go back change in any of my prints. Certain sections that should have received more shadow, certain colors that really didn’t alter much. For the most part, I think it’s going alright (except for that foot). I’m still learning how far to push values and resolving an image.Continue reading “Darkening the dog”

Dog Form Emerging

Sunday I managed to lay down more color on Hobie. The shifts are small between the three images, but it should make an overall difference by the final product. I have one week remaining before taking all the completed work in for the show!!! Yikes!!! The image is printed on white, not a creamy/peachy coloredContinue reading “Dog Form Emerging”

Hobie: Start of the colors

That first color is always a big quandary. What color to start with? Did I chose a light enough blue or not? Well, the first is down and now it’s on to color two… I think it will all work out. It always seems to! Maybe one more color for today before calling it quits.Continue reading “Hobie: Start of the colors”