Blue Fern


With the depressing state of the US government, I’ve decided to take a few days off from social media to work on art projects. First on the list is completing a small edition of the screen print tea towels. The fern image required a bit of touch-up before moving forward. Half of the morning was spent prepping ink, which I hadn’t expected. It’s been over a year since last checking ink status: some have deteriorated and have hardened/dried out. Not the best start to the new year! Anyway, I managed to crank out 21 tea towels once everything was set up properly. Hemming and an additional wash or two to come before gifting or selling.


The studio partner hasn’t been the biggest help for any project. All she does is follow me around meowing and attacking my feet/legs for not doting on her constantly. Is it better to work in the cat zone or be surrounded by the crazy dogs? The cat is probably better, but not the ideal partner. After an hour+ of dedicated lap-time, she eventually left me alone for longer stretches of time.

Besides art & cat therapy, I’ve been receiving farm animal therapy! Below are a couple of pictures from Tuesdays visit with the friendly bunch (3 out of 6 animals are super friendly). I’m always thrilled to see them. The sheep/llama manage to put up with the extra treats and cheek/neck rubs. It must be hard for them to have a fan club.

Fizz the Llama
Mookie the Icelandic Sheep
Tractor the Jacobs Sheep with wonky horns.

One of my friends commented that he thought Tractor should become a lead character in a children’s book. Hmm, I might have to explore that thought this year as I continue to focus on animals in art.



Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Blue Fern

    1. Hey Elaine! It’s been forever since hearing from you. We miss your art and energy in the Corvallis community!
      I’ll probably start selling again on Etsy. Not that I was ever able to reach many individuals, but I need to start pushing sales of some sort. The Arts Center is another option, but tough to embrace the 50% commission on small items!
      I’ll let you know when things get to the sale point.
      Thanks for inquiring!

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