A New Year 

holiday-pix-2-2After an almost 2+ month break, I’ve decided that it’s a good time to get back into a blogging routine. The holidays are over. Winter is very much here. The studio is aching  for attention from me!

2016 certainly held several projects with art and life:

Art in Rural Communities is still up and going as of the beginning of 2017. You can continue to visit the work until the end of January (maybe longer? The weather has been difficult.)


Major house renovations continue. Demolition and new framing of our bedroom closet continues slowly. Outdoor lights arrived and are waiting for installation.

The dogs continue with their classes. Moby completed his first Reactive Dog class and will now start on Scent Work like Hazel. Hazel continues to push forward with her skills. I’m still trying to figure out how far this experience will take us. It’s also an expensive game to fund. I’m finally feeling like I need to make my artwork pay for the dog games. Another way to motivate myself forward to sell/create artwork.

Meme has become a full time indoor kitty. She occupies the downstairs and seems satisfied for the moment. Her eye problems have decreased after 21 days of treatment for Bartonella aka “Cat Scratch Fever”. In 6 months she will be retested. Hopefully the antibiotics took care of the problem.

So, keep your eyes open for upcoming art. I have RSVP’d a spot in the Wingtip Press Leftover Print Exchange. It’s the one way I can make sure I’ll produce something fun.

Happy New Year to you all!




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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “A New Year 

  1. Love your “family” photo, all are looking great. Maybe you can rent Hazel out to the DEA to pay for her training? Stay warm, love, Jean

    1. The family photo isn’t complete since the bird & cat don’t get along with everyone. I’ve actually been thinking about training Hazel for search work, but not for drugs. I’ve always thought it would be amazing to help find people trapped in rubble. A way to give to others in need. We shall see. Probably not realistic on my end, but a thought.

  2. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda xxxxx I’ve just finished my Leftovers VII prints so I’ll be sending them off to Wingtip this week. Remember, if you fancy hopping across the pond, you’re both welcome 😀

    1. You’re on my list for 2017! I just need to make it happen and get the dogs settled at someones home… That’s the hard part since Moby isn’t cooperating well with others…. Fur children can be such a handful!
      Which print did you submit? Was it something recent?
      Keep those fingers drawing and printing this year! 🙂

      1. I will probably blog my Leftovers VIII print today. Would be lovely to show you round Wales but I totally understand about the fur children. We’re off to the Lake District next week and I will miss the cats dreadfully, even though I know they’re safe and well :,(

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