Time Off

It’s been 2 months since my last posting. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone without writing. No art is being produced. The house is a disaster zone with construction and clearing out of old stuff. The dogs are both in class and Hazel has her first odor recognition trials on December 3. The cat has been sick and now diagnosed with Bartonella, a lovely zoonotic disease( totally curable). Philomath Open Studio Tour came and went. Art went to city hall, a coffee shop in Brownsville, and currently works in the Benton County Museum. The horrible election is over and the worst choice won. The country is stepping way back in time. Way way WAY back to eras we shouldn’t be repeating. I’m not going to go into discussion on this subject because it’s too depressing.

The exterior house work has stopped due to the weather. Most of the first coat of paint is down. Siding replaced. Grey is the new color. Exterior lights have been selected, but not ordered. I’ll wait for spring to start figuring out what to do with the landscape. Inside, the battle continues with mouse eradication. Holes are being covered, dogs are alerting us to our hidden friends in the garage, snap traps have been used successfully over and over. Not a pretty thing, but necessary for all involved. 

The ceiling repair work will start moving forward once I figure out how and where to purchase the wood. I got the idea from visiting my friend in Bend the other weekend. Why not install a beautiful wood surface rather than skim coating the full ceiling? It will be much more expensive, but I think the look will be super. 

 We still have flooring to replace, but that won’t happen until I upgrade the master bedroom closet. Time to move out of the funky 70’s into a useable space. I’m passing on several show opportunities in order to create a better space for work. January will be set aside for dealing with buying out my brothers share of the coast house. Then I can become serious about turning it into a rental. 

Here’s a look at what I’m doing with Hazel. We took advantage of a rain break and did some training outside on the back deck. ​

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

7 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. You know, its okay, you’re busy, the blog can wait. Regarding current events, let’s just write off this year. I’m beyond disgusted and depressed. I console myself by saying I live in a blue state… Home repairs look great! And Hazel is very impressive!

    1. Hi Cathe! You’re correct about letting things wait. I’m enjoying taking time away from art. Eventually some of the house jobs will be completed, maybe by spring!

  2. Sometimes other things in life take priority – your house will be wonderful when it is all done, and your art mind will be thoroughly refreshed. Your election result shocked us too, every day I read more of the worrying steps that seem to be taken by your incoming president. A huge wake-up call to the whole world. Can the factors that precipitated this be addressed? Let’s hope so.

    1. He’s not ever going to be my president. I’ll never claim him or any of his horrible cabinet choices. So scary on all levels.
      But life continues with new possibilities and screen prints sneaking around the corner. 😄

    1. We’re finally getting to test the new heating system and it’s not too bad. We finally had freezing rain and snow. Not much, but it makes it feel more like the holiday.
      Hazel did well with passing 2 scents. I’m so proud of her! Plus it’s her first anniversary today. Such a lucky pup!

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