The Install of “From the Land”

It’s been several days since the actual installation and I’m finally feeling rested enough to show some photos! It was a beautiful warm fall day and a 20 ft long blank canvas!


Walter B and Hester Coucke (The Arts Center Curator) were hard at work hanging the informational signage.


Starting off seemed pretty simple. Lay out the bottom line, drill the template holes and voila, everything would fit! Well, that would have been in a perfect world, and as we all know, that never happens! My templates were off just enough and I didn’t bring a larger drill bit, so an extra hour was wasted making a trip back into Albany for new Forstner bits. Eventually we got into a swing and it only took double the time that I originally thought.


Along with my fabulous husband, who took the day off from work just to help out, my best friend Maria was part of the hanging crew. Thank goodness she was there because it really did take three people to deal with everything going on.



So far the community is really enjoying the work. Bonnie Meltzer hung her piece the day after mine. The wall has never looked so interesting!

On Tuesday,September 27, 2016, there will be a gathering in front of the wall and at the public library across the street at 6:30 to celebrate the artwork. Both artists’ will be on hand at the event. The address is : 838 W First St, Halsey OR

A big thanks to The Arts Center of Corvallis, The Oregon Arts Commission, and DLF Pickseed for their support!

Plus a HUGE thanks to my husband Dave who helped keep the household running while I was in production mode, for his insight on the different designs, for taking the dogs out running when my body was incapacitated, and for being the muscle man during the installation. I promise not to take on another big project next year that overwhelms our summer plans. Seriously, I swear!



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “The Install of “From the Land”

  1. Gale, you take my breath away with what you have created here and the effort it has taken. This is such a well considered and appropriate response to the brief. You can instantly get the storey without it being trite or predictable. The transferring of the paper cuts to metal worked really well and I love how the shadows reflect the images and add complexity. Congratulations on a wonderful installation, wish I could see it in person. Karen

    1. Thank you so very much! I too wish you could see it in person. Tuesday will reveal the city’s reaction to the work. My goal was to make it uncomplicated and something everyone could relate to. Why try to purposely create work that confuses people when it’s a public piece? Granted, I personally enjoy works with an underlying statement that you have to really think about, but my work doesn’t reflect that level. You either like it or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      There was an underlying negative level to the “Unseen Natives ” fish piece, but I won’t get into that here.
      Thanks again for all your positive support from down under!

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