Second Bird

GaleEverett Studio_paper bird 2_2015

I never quite know how to arrange my days right now. Do I spend it at home or head to Eugene? Part of me feels guilty for not going down. Ok, a huge part of me, but I need to back away. Today I chose to back away. I worked on another bird that would fit the size constraints for the Brownsville show. The above image is to be a template for the next rendition. The white will switch to a dark colored paper and I’ll probably use velum behind the bird. If the velum doesn’t diffuse the light well enough, I’ll switch to mulberry.
Next step is to gather materials for the finished product and decide what color would best suit this bird. Citron? Black? Burgundy? So many possibilities hanging out in the flat files and other bins of paper! I’m also contemplating trimming the frame with metal. Probably too many things to contemplate for now. One step at a time.

Off to the garage to see what wood is available!


Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Second Bird

    1. I know you love paper! Most of the paper is kept in flat files. The rest (card stock and other 8.5″X11″) are kept in small bins. Plus envelopes and other card paraphernalia. Oh, if I could just procure a letterpress, I would be so happy!😀

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I’ve needed a change from everything, including my paper cut imagery. Hope critique night was a good one. I was too zapped to contemplate attending.

  1. Gale, I love this image. Very nice. And don’t feel bad about taking a break. I have heard over and over in therapy–one has to take care of oneself in order to take care of others. I bet the respite will help you help Tom better when you see him next. Love, Mary

    1. There is even paper pulp in the freezer. I should probably get it out and create some sculptures. I won’t talk about the rolls of hand-made paper too big for the flat files…. 😉

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