Ledger Camas

I acquired a wonderful 1967 ledger book while clearing out the parents home after their death. The business name wasn’t included, but I highly suspect it was from the one my dad worked for. After ripping out several back pages and torturing them like crazy (and boy, did I torture them!), I determined they couldn’t be used to create a full camas plant. The pages were too darn stiff and thick to manipulate. However, after thinking more about it, I decided to incorporate small portions of pages to the blank forms.

ledger pod_gale everett

An essence of the ledger book! Camas 5 is getting closer to completion once I figure out a color and flower parts. I still need an assistant to bend, cut and twist wire for the petal sections. Assistant #2 (Hubby) has finally offered to help, but I’m not certain I can pin him down to do it. Assistant #1 comes to bend and twist on Tuesday. I’m so excited!

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Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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