Border Collie #3 start

Sculpture Day: Another rough dog form has taken shape. Currently the neck and tail are too long, but should be able to solve the problem before coat application. This one is heading off to another artist who is one of the most amazing calligraphers. Her mother just passed away and apparently there’s a connection betweenContinue reading “Border Collie #3 start”

Rainy day work

Spring is here and the print is moving forward. Kind of. I always have such angst about carving away more and more of the block. The ear has yet to receive much attention. The feet are unresolved. I feel like adding screen print color over the image. Maybe sleeping on it will present a clearContinue reading “Rainy day work”

Mug Experiment

I must admit, it’s rather strange seeing my artwork placed upon a generic white coffee/tea mug. One of my local art friends had recommended Zazzle as a good resource for creating functional ware with your own art images. So I thought “What the heck, I might as well give it a try to see whatContinue reading “Mug Experiment”

Moby’s Eye

I’m probably going to bore you guys to tears with the dog eye images. Eyes have always been of interest to me and it seems like doing sketches will help with something down the line. Since Mr Moby is always available, he will be my main subject.  For this image, I was waiting around forContinue reading “Moby’s Eye”

Back to the chair

It’s hard to shift gears and revisit a print with issues, but I hope to be able to save it since the show is days away. Hidden under piles of other print materials, I managed to locate all the reference paperwork for the image. I work from a color, black and white plus a previousContinue reading “Back to the chair”

Dog Form Emerging

Sunday I managed to lay down more color on Hobie. The shifts are small between the three images, but it should make an overall difference by the final product. I have one week remaining before taking all the completed work in for the show!!! Yikes!!! The image is printed on white, not a creamy/peachy coloredContinue reading “Dog Form Emerging”

Color 4 and half way there

The two old friends are really starting to show their stuff. There are some mistakes here and there, but I don’t think the average person will notice them. Glenn’s thumb became a tad lost in the screen filler. I can tell when I’m really off by the sides of Glenn’s glasses or Julie’s teeth. TheContinue reading “Color 4 and half way there”

Is he done yet?

The border collie named Rogue has been in the works for a year now and I’m happy to report he’s almost done! He’s certainly come a long way in the past couple of weeks. Today’s state proof is close to completion. Part of me is wanting to pop out a bit more white on hisContinue reading “Is he done yet?”

Rogue Progress

It’s sunny and over 60 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m inside working on a print. Hmm, somethings wrong here! Anyway, Rogue has been waiting for so long to get attention and today is his day! I used Daniel Smith black water soluble ink to proof it. The stuff dries way too quickly and doesn’t even likeContinue reading “Rogue Progress”

Zeek Progress

With illness abated and energy levels rising, I’m finally starting to focus on printmaking again.  Zeek received a little attention today and proofed in black ink. I’m slowly sneaking up on his nose because it’s one area I feel less confident. Nose texture is so different than hair!  The teeth, tongue and gums are alsoContinue reading “Zeek Progress”