Border Collie #3 start

Sculpture Day: Another rough dog form has taken shape. Currently the neck and tail are too long, but should be able to solve the problem before coat application. This one is heading off to another artist who is one of the most amazing calligraphers. Her mother just passed away and apparently there’s a connection betweenContinue reading “Border Collie #3 start”

Rivers III

Today I finally feel like my body has recovered from last weeks endevors. So, I spent the morning cutting chunks of dried branches for the twigs project… And then proceeded to finish burning and waxing of Rivers III, the commissioned piece. Always dicey during the waxing process but I think it looks pretty good. NowContinue reading “Rivers III”


Wednesday, I marked out the grid-work and then stitched it with a sewing machine. This part is always nerve racking for me due to the cumbersome feeling of working with paper. I don’t want strange creases or folds occurring so I have to be careful how I handle it. It really doesn’t drape like fabric.Continue reading “Stitching”

Moving Forward

Slowly moving forward on the commissioned work while trying to get the house ready for guests this weekend. With any luck, I’ll not do much cleaning and we’ll take them out to the coast. At least that house is clean but lacking hot water. Yes, the water heater elements or something is on the fritz.Continue reading “Moving Forward”

Overdue Start

Back in May I received a commission. Hurray! Someone really likes my work enough to REQUEST a specific piece!  I was initially stumped at the request of color. Personally, I really like the subtle qualities of the River series (off-whites & tans) but I completely understand it not working on the average white household wall.Continue reading “Overdue Start”