Gear Switching 

Friday I technically had to myself, which didn’t seem to make much difference since my brain is back on all the brother issues. To divert attention, I started playing with a bag design that will eventually receive screen printing. More and more towns in our region are banning plastic bags and charging $0.05 for paperContinue reading “Gear Switching “


Wednesday, I marked out the grid-work and then stitched it with a sewing machine. This part is always nerve racking for me due to the cumbersome feeling of working with paper. I don’t want strange creases or folds occurring so I have to be careful how I handle it. It really doesn’t drape like fabric.Continue reading “Stitching”

Moving Forward

Slowly moving forward on the commissioned work while trying to get the house ready for guests this weekend. With any luck, I’ll not do much cleaning and we’ll take them out to the coast. At least that house is clean but lacking hot water. Yes, the water heater elements or something is on the fritz.Continue reading “Moving Forward”