Gear Switching 


Friday I technically had to myself, which didn’t seem to make much difference since my brain is back on all the brother issues. To divert attention, I started playing with a bag design that will eventually receive screen printing. More and more towns in our region are banning plastic bags and charging $0.05 for paper if you forget to bring your own. I’m for the system, since it has greatly decreased the amount of plastics coming into our house. Anyway, creating nice bags for use has been of interest for well over 7 years. No time like the present to start playing with this idea. My hands continue to give me problems so I’ve had to axe the Hive installation plans for now. Creating block prints has also been sidelined. Maybe in a couple of years when I pull my body back together.

I created a template and mock-up using muslin cloth left over from the Unseen Natives installation project back in 2012. The basic shape is figured out but I’m still struggling with the best bottom design. Final fabric choice is still in the works as well. I’ll probably be going for something in a linen/cotton blend that I can dye to my specific color choice.

There is another show that is quite intriguing and I’ll probably start thinking about it more seriously. Deadline for applications is October 1 (a date I might be able to get something created by). The show title is “Rot ” and further details are located on The Arts Center website. But for now, I will continue to work with the sewing/screen printing idea and see where that leads me.



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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