Oh so close, but not yet finished!

Tuesday my eyes and lower back were acting up.  Just what I need right now! The eye thing is probably allergy related. Anyway, I experienced several glitches with the screen. First, I struggled with deciding where to draw the line between color 6 & 7.  The darker values are a lot harder to decipher. MoreContinue reading “Oh so close, but not yet finished!”

Explaining a process

Monday morning I received a nice email from Lois. She has been following along with Julie & Glenn’s progress, but her husband hasn’t. Tim, you should really be keeping up! LOL! I sent her a quick run through using “The Lick” print (the one prior to this image). I also mentioned showing the screen forContinue reading “Explaining a process”

Color 4 and half way there

The two old friends are really starting to show their stuff. There are some mistakes here and there, but I don’t think the average person will notice them. Glenn’s thumb became a tad lost in the screen filler. I can tell when I’m really off by the sides of Glenn’s glasses or Julie’s teeth. TheContinue reading “Color 4 and half way there”

Color 3 down

After several days of interruptions, I managed to carve out a bit of time Sunday afternoon for printing color 3 on Julie & Glenn. Since this is a larger image and more complex, it takes quite a while to block in with screen filler. I judge time by how many CD’s I go through. ThisContinue reading “Color 3 down”

Julie and Glenn: day 2

Having an 80 lb dog trying to snuggle while writing is a bit impossible! But here we go. I managed to pull one color today. I hoped for more but other issues popped up (trust related & renter stuff  that’s really icky compared to getting art done). The dog agrees with this too. An apologyContinue reading “Julie and Glenn: day 2”

Julie and Glen

It felt great to finish yet another print yesterday. With technically 10 done, there are two left to start. This morning I went through dog images waiting in the queue. My sister-in-law Lois, has had some great dogs in their house over the years. Recently they lost Julie, a wonderful old yellow lab. Lois keepsContinue reading “Julie and Glen”