Julie and Glen

It felt great to finish yet another print yesterday. With technically 10 done, there are two left to start. This morning I went through dog images waiting in the queue. My sister-in-law Lois, has had some great dogs in their house over the years. Recently they lost Julie, a wonderful old yellow lab. Lois keepsContinue reading “Julie and Glen”

Choices and Control

The past week has been filled with my dad, seeing many friends during dinner dates, seeing my cousin on Monday, driving back and forth between Albany & Eugene, text messaging family, trying hard to figure out edible food for Mr Picky-Eater and not touching anything related to my art. Evenings have been recharge time andContinue reading “Choices and Control”

An afternoon of waiting

Nothing like spending the afternoon waiting at the doctors office with my dad. His health has not been improving, basically remaining stagnant. He’s still fatigued, more and more back pain, and the struggle continues with getting fluids & food down his system. We learned that the last xray on the 18th continues to show fluidContinue reading “An afternoon of waiting”

Sunny in Eugene

I was in Eugene for another day. Kim took a nice break this afternoon to have lunch with a friend and a colorful trip to some of the fabric stores. Something positive and bright for her day. Lee is hanging in there. Breathing is about the same. Temp at 98. Eating more food and havingContinue reading “Sunny in Eugene”