Mom’s Heart: Day 26

Is it really day 26? Things are just blending together.

Today is Tuesday and a monumental day at that! Evelyn finally went to see her primary physician this morning! Both Lee & Kim assisted with the event, along with the dial-up wheelchair van. Interesting all around event. Dr B was unaware that Evelyn had even gone if for heart surgery or had multiple complications. She said that primary physicians are often the last to know anything. As Dr B read through the notes on Evelyn, she was astonished that no one said why or when the feeding tube was inserted along with some other pertinent information.  Seems like the medical world doesn’t do the greatest job in communication. Nor does the rehab facility!

The weeping incision site looked better and Dr.B said the fluid coming out was clear and everything should be just fine.  Evelyn’s heart rate was elevated more than normal on arrival. They checked for heart arrhythmia and she was clear. One of the medications prescribed by a previous doctor seemed to be causing the problem so Dr. B changed prescriptions. Next was her throat/swallowing problem. Dr B prescribed an anti-viral meds to combat the herpes virus around her mouth and throat. She also thinks Evelyn still has Thrush, noticed what meds were prescribed and said basically “that stuff never works, stinks horribly & tastes terrible!”So she straightened Evelyn out with that too. I think we all love Dr B now! A throat specialist, a Dr Vivek, has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. She took a throat cultures just in case something might show up. On the subject of feeding tube removal, well, she doesn’t want to do that yet. Hopefully once the virus & fungus are cleared the pain should stop. Not certain what Evelyn’s reaction is, but she really respects Dr B and will do what she suggests (til a certain point!). There was a rash that started itching today, but seems like things have been caught in time so she won’t have to endure much suffering from it.

Now if we can just get Evelyn to lie down and raise her feet up! Her feet and legs are sooooo puffy!

I’ll most likely be going down for tomorrow’s appointment w/ Dr Vivek. Kim will be back at work and I’m sure Lee could use a little buffering with the patient.  There is also another appointment w/ Dr.B next week on Thursday. Maybe Mike wants to participate in that one. Extra hands are necessary to hold ziploc bags w/ wet & dry wash cloths, spit cup & water cup, plus extra stuff too…

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One thought on “Mom’s Heart: Day 26

  1. Thanks for the continues updates, Gale! We are definitely keeping your family in our thoughts! It’s good to see your Mom vertical and outside enjoying a beautiful autumn day!

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