Mom’s Heart: Nov 29

Here are the updates from the Evelyn front: This week hasn’t been comfortable for her. She made a trip to Dr. B’s for a stern pep-talk on Tuesday. The doctor prescribed no tube feeding for 48hrs, then feed for one session and pull the tube Friday.  Dave & I stopped by for a visit onContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Nov 29”

Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele

On October 31, I was invited to attend a workshop given by ceramic artist Ginger Steele. She produces beautifully decorated hand-built pottery. Her business is Insomnia Pottery. Here are some images from the workshop: Ginger measuring out her rolled slab. She uses quilting squares for measuring. Next she bevels the top edge and sides. ThisContinue reading “Ceramics Workshop: Ginger Steele”

Reliquary Project: Inspiration

Back at the beginning of October, the write-up for exhibit bid book was due.  Hummm, I didn’t make that date.  Hester kindly reminded us slackers on Oct16 that they were due by the 19th. So where did my inspiration come from? Let me pass along what I wrote: Back in late July of this year,Continue reading “Reliquary Project: Inspiration”

Mom’s Heart: Nov 12

Puree of  BBQ Pork anyone? The rehab facility must not have received the word about Evelyn’s food preferences. She tries to be vegetarian as much as possible.  For lunch they sent over pureed BBQ pork, pureed carrots and something else non vegetarian. Kim told her to “eat her carrots” because that would probably be itContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Nov 12”

Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.

Breaking news from Dr. Tran’s office! She doesn’t seem to have any problems in her throat! This morning she went in for a “scoping” of her throat. Not certain how far down he went, but certainly far enough! Dr. Tran saw no evidence of any swelling, redness, irritation or negative problem. He was planning onContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.”