Mom’s Heart: Nov 12

Puree of  BBQ Pork anyone?

The rehab facility must not have received the word about Evelyn’s food preferences. She tries to be vegetarian as much as possible.  For lunch they sent over pureed BBQ pork, pureed carrots and something else non vegetarian. Kim told her to “eat her carrots” because that would probably be it for the vegetarian request. She still has her feeding tube in place but everyone is encouraging her to “JUST EAT”.

Lee is off at the coast, hopefully for one more night. I’ll be heading down tomorrow to fulfill a walking date w/ my mother. Strolling the corridors with chair in hand. Sounds calming.

Kim mentioned her edema is way down. Now she is experiencing horribly scaly flaking legs.

The other thing of note is a rapid heart rate (120/min). The nurse made multiple phone calls to the doctors and finally a EKG was ordered. Or was it an ECG? Probably should have paid attention to what my sister told me.

Waiting on results…

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One thought on “Mom’s Heart: Nov 12

  1. Hi Gale, flaky skin of course is from being stretched too much, at least partly. Placing both hands over the heart area sometimes helps calm mine down, won’t hurt. Hers may be a drug reaction. I hope you and Kim haven’t inherited that tendency to overreact . Is vegetarin a preference or does her body react to animal protein? I’d like to be veg but I think my assimilation isn’t great so I eat some meat. Tell Evelyn hello, she probably isn’t up to a hug. Peace, Aunt Jean

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