Setting Records and the Cone of Shame

Both dogs made it through their surgeries and are home. The vet and crew experienced how stubborn Mr Moby can be. He went into “freak out” mode which involves a high level of adrenaline running through his body. This made it more difficult to put him under than expected.  In the end, he set aContinue reading “Setting Records and the Cone of Shame”

Mom’s Heart: Nov 12

Puree of  BBQ Pork anyone? The rehab facility must not have received the word about Evelyn’s food preferences. She tries to be vegetarian as much as possible.  For lunch they sent over pureed BBQ pork, pureed carrots and something else non vegetarian. Kim told her to “eat her carrots” because that would probably be itContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Nov 12”

Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.

Breaking news from Dr. Tran’s office! She doesn’t seem to have any problems in her throat! This morning she went in for a “scoping” of her throat. Not certain how far down he went, but certainly far enough! Dr. Tran saw no evidence of any swelling, redness, irritation or negative problem. He was planning onContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Nov 11th.”

Mom’s Heart: Day 24

Today, Sunday, Evelyn had quite a few visitors (8 total). Harold & Lindsay stopped by after church. Lee made his early morning jaunt in and out. Kim was there around 2:30 with a pair of sweatpants for her to try. Her legs have been quite cold of late.  Kim mentioned that her leg seemed toContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 24”

Mom’s Heart: Day 17-19

Shower, Bicycling & Walking It has been a few days since reporting Evelyn’s updates. Dave & I were not down on days 17 &18. On day 19, all available hands traveled to Eugene for the progress conference at South Hills Rehab. Highlights on day 17 must have been the shower. Evelyn finally felt well enoughContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 17-19”

Mom’s Heart: Day 16

Lee’s Escape! On Friday Lee was talking about heading coastal. He gave me a call Saturday morning letting me know he had made it. Like a good soldier, he made his stop by Evelyn’s room to receive  marching instructions before heading out-of-town. The weather couldn’t have been better for his journey. Another beautiful fall day.Continue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 16”

Mom’s Heart: Day 15

Looking good! Evelyn seems to be taking to her new surroundings quite well. The rehabilitation facility is located in Eugene’s south hills. Older, not so modern or technologically advanced, kind of dark feeling but from her reports she seems ok. Speech ability is 500 times better than last week. She actually looks like herself, butContinue reading “Mom’s Heart: Day 15”