Mom’s Heart: Day 14 continued

Since I will be making an early journey to Eugene I figured writing tonight would be a good thing!

Well, she really did move today. She now resides in room 105 at 1166 E 28th st. This location is so much closer to the house and will take Lee & Kim only 10 minutes to get there. She does have a roomie.  No idea about that one yet. Lee stopped by to drop off some of her  medications this afternoon and she was sleeping (a good sign).

I just finished yet another phone conversation with Kim & Lee regarding todays string of events. We  really don’t know how she was transported or what clothing they used. The dynamic duo realized later that she might have needed other clothing upon leaving the hospital. After consumption of some “Hair of the Dog” brew (Fred & Adam) plus 1/2 bottle of Dogfish 90 min (quite tasty), I certainly came up with some creative means of transportation. I suggested that they tossed her in the back of a 1972 station wagon and flung her out on arrival. Watchful Kim mentioned she saw several “short busses” that came through the hospital and loaded up patients in wheelchairs. That is the most likely mode of transportation. My method would have ended up on 60 Min or some other TV show.

Looking forward, sort of, to tomorrows exploits. Oh how I wish she was doing better with her mouth and swallowing… and as Kim says “this too shall pass”.

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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