Mom’s Heart: Day 15

Looking good!

Evelyn seems to be taking to her new surroundings quite well. The rehabilitation facility is located in Eugene’s south hills. Older, not so modern or technologically advanced, kind of dark feeling but from her reports she seems ok. Speech ability is 500 times better than last week. She actually looks like herself, but a bit frazzled and stuck in bed.

The doctors felt that her mouth problem was due to a fungus they label as “Thrush” . It conveniently invades the mouth and esophagus. She had taken a couple of treatments by Friday and her lips were certainly looking much better. Her exercise level is increasing daily.  She can speak with people for a much longer period of time. Ultimately she is regaining control of her life. Well, almost. The naso-gastric feeding tube is still in place. Her current thoughts are to have a minor surgery to place a feeding tube through her abdominal wall straight into the small intestines.  It is possible this could aid recovery of her swallowing reflexes. Right now, they hook up her feeding tube at night. During the day she can work at the pectin/juice  mixture. Medications can also be passed down the tube for quick absorption.

My morning didn’t go quite as planned. Instead I was up at 3am watching NASA’s lunar LCROSS crash. Pretty cool in its own way. Enjoyed the changing moonscape. Millions of craters everywhere! Wish my telescope could have handled the view. So my morning Eugene plans shifted to afternoon. I already had a lunch date with Carol & Harry at Gathering Together Farms.  Carol is my travel buddy to France and Mexico (and possibly Japan??) Always a pleasure to see them and  eat there! Then I was off to Eugene and back for our Friday night dinner group at 6:30. Good friends and conversations abound!

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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