Mom’s Heart: Day 16

Lee’s Escape!

On Friday Lee was talking about heading coastal. He gave me a call Saturday morning letting me know he had made it. Like a good soldier, he made his stop by Evelyn’s room to receive  marching instructions before heading out-of-town. The weather couldn’t have been better for his journey. Another beautiful fall day. We’re all glad he got an overnight break from Eugene!

Evelyn was looking well on Saturday. We stopped by in late afternoon and stayed for at least an hour. She showed us more of her chest/incision site and the vein harvest location on her left leg. It’s certainly healing well and the dark bruising has mostly changed to yellow.  On Monday she might hear from her primary care physician regarding the feeding tube. She is feeling “out of the loop” in this area.

One thing I find disturbing is the lack of physical therapy over the weekend. We experienced this at RiverBend and now at the South Hill center. In a rehabilitation center wouldn’t you employ a PT for the  7 day week? Rehab doesn’t stop on the weekend folks! Why can’t they split the week between two employees, or hire a weekend staff. Must be due to money… Evelyn was lucky to have the dedicated nurses in ICU step-down continue the PT needs over the weekend.  Right now, she is gaining more mobility but still requires a nurse to be there so she doesn’t fall.

My mother has certainly become more particular with room/bed arrangements. One of the nurses was helping her get back into bed (might have been Liz). Anyway, my mom wanted “pillows placed under her legs but to make sure they didn’t go under her heals. The heals must be free from touching anything. And to make sure that the blankets don’t touch her toes either.” Smiling,  Liz responded was a flat “NO”! My mom was shocked, then realized Liz was just joking. Liz arranged the pillows to her specifications and all went well. What a surprise to Evelyn! She laughed about the incident when she described it to us.  I’m glad the staff has a sense of humor when working with their patients.

Her roomie Phyllis was watching the Duck game when we arrived. Evelyn seemed actually interested and was telling us about it. She seemed quite impressed at the team strength and running ability (the Ducks won). Did aliens abduct my mother? For the past 30 years she has made nasty comments about any football game! The drugs must still be affecting her!

Sunday, Mike & Shannon will make an appearance on her threshold yet again. Kim is off from work and will visit earlier in the day.  Lee will come back from Yachats and probably put in his two daily visits.  Tom? I think he might be coming over before heading back to PDX for training, but I’m not sure. I will be taking the day off from maternal visits. Clay Fest is still in swing at the Fairgrounds… hummm might have to go bug some friends!

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