Backyard Wildlife Book Collaboration

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Two years ago I created a hand-made book full of blank pages for 4 other artists (plus myself) to fill in. The title was “Backyard Wildlife” and totally open for the other artists to interpret this idea. We all live in different parts of the world: Karen and Anna are in Australia, Rebecca in Sweden, Cathe and I are in in USA. We met through blogging and our love of creating art.

How this project worked: Each artist created their own book and sent it off to the next person. We all worked on a page spread in each other’s books. This particular session did not have a time limit (which was good and bad). Eventually the books make it through the full group and end up on the creators desk. I finally opened mine yesterday to a total surprise of beauty, humor, and love.

Anna, the skink made me laugh like crazy especially hearing how large they get! I love him! Thank You!

Rebecca, I was delighted by the flip out page! What a great neighborhood you live in! Oh, that grumpy terrier is a hoot! I’m so glad to learn more about your neighborhood and what Dexter gets to experience. Thank You!

Karen, I can just imagine the delicate clematis winding its way over the rusty trellis and little bird friends coming to pick at it. So Sweet!!! It makes me want to visit your garden! I think I need to add a clematis to my yard this season. Thank You!

Cathe, I adore the crab apple! I’m waiting for them to start blooming on my neighborhood walks. It always surprises me at the depth of pink they display. So beautiful! Maybe next month they will start blooming. Thank You!

A huge thanks to all four amazing women! I love you all for your time and dedication to this book!


Contributing Artists:

Anna Warren:

Cathe Jacobi: instagram:

Karen Bailey: Karen Bailey Studio

Rebecca Cary-Anderson: instagram: rebeccacaryandersonart

Gale Everett: Gale Everett Studio and this blog


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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Backyard Wildlife Book Collaboration

  1. So fun to see your book, I never saw it develop since it went from your desk to mine and then around the world. A lovely surprise! Someday you are going to need to join instagram, so you can post in real time…or not.

  2. It has turned out so well Gale! Such a variety of backyards we all have, and so interesting to see just what we all choose to put in. I’ll echo Cathe, and say you should join us on Instagram, its so quick and easy, and a great way to connect to a worldwide art community.

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