Moby Head Completed!

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As I mentioned before, somewhere during this blogging experience, process is what drives me forward with any project. I find it amazing that laying down line after line, one can create an image that seems to work. Above is the full slideshow of Moby’s head from start to finish. Not all of my photos are super crisp, but you get the general idea.

This page was the final spread in my friend Cathe’s book. The journey started back in spring 2018 and is now completed after 5 artists placed pencil, pen, and watercolor to the pages of a hand-made book. The book has returned to Minnesota. I’ll be posting photos of my completed book this week. It was finally opened this morning and thoroughly enjoyed!!!

So, what’s next on the list of artistic ideas? Time will tell….

The Look

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Moby Head Completed!

  1. This is wonderful Gale! The slideshow is a great way to show the development of the drawing, Moby slowly emerging! A fabulous addition to Cathe’s book. Could you share all the pages in your book some time? It would be so good to see them all together.

    1. The book has been posted! I loved your skink addition! I think they would freak me out a bit, encountering one in the garden. No lizards in my yard. Non-venomous snakes and salamanders do live here. 🙂

      1. We do only see them rarely, but I quite like the idea of having something like that in the backyard! Not sure I’d feel the same about snakes … but its what you get used to isn’t it!

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