Isn’t He Done Yet?

The Look

Why do I keep picking at this image? It keeps festering on the drawingboard, receiving more marks in different areas, resolving questionable zones. I think I’m finally satisfied enough with his nose and the pencil is moving down into the muzzle zone. His chin hair is crazy! Do I really try to capture it or just tidy things up a bit? I think I’ll just tidy and resolve this flanks a bit more. Just make it read better!

Of course I said this image was going to be completed last Friday, but the week was a bit crazier than expected. This week too has been nutty due to hubby venturing into the COVID-19 hot zone of Seattle only to be pushed back home. The sister business he was visiting implemented a shut down due to an employee being exposed to the virus. Dave was sent packing back to Oregon. Quite a short trip for such a long drive.

The dogs are happy our household is back together. I didn’t even get the opportunity to enjoy his being gone. But the pup drawing is another step closer to moving back to Minnesota!

Resolve problems and let it go is today’s goal!

Tools used: graphite 6B lead and watercolor.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t He Done Yet?

  1. You did it, Moby is complete and now living in Minnesota! He’s a beauty, a very handsome boy who has just the right amount of marks to make him perfectly complete! And he is loved! Thanks Gale!!

    1. I’m thrilled the book is finally in your hands again, completed! What a long journey all these books have taken. I’m so impressed that we’ve pulled off another round. Only a few more to be completed!! I feel so honored to have been part of this artistic adventure again.
      Oh, and I so love LOVE the crabapple you drew in my book!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

      1. You opened your book!! I hope it was satisfying. I have to say going first is kind of hard. If it was further in the journey who knows what I would have put in your book but I’m glad you like the crabapple branch, it truly was a sign of spring after a lot of cold weather and snow. It is incredible to think about the journey these books take and the hands that touch them. I’m very thankful for your creativity and friendship!

      2. I totally agree about being the first contributor after the starting artist! I had such a hard time with Rebecca’s book. I’m super curious to see the end product on everyone’s book.
        Thanks again for your contribution!!

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