Finishing a page and on to the next

the finished page.

I’ve finally completed one out of 5 pages! This probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone except for the 4 other participating artists. Lets step back a bit. In 2015, I joined an existing small group of artists to create special , one of a kind artist books. In 2018 we added another member for book #2. We met via WordPress blogs and have continued to support each other over the years. Last spring/summer 2022, we decided to create yet another round of books. This time we opted to just send completed pages to each recipient rather than sending around the full books. The page completed is winging it’s way to Stockholm Sweden. The theme of Rebecca’s book was First Bicycles. I drew my first favorite bike, a Schwinn World Sport. We lived in hills so multiple gears was a must!

book page in process

Next book page is for Karen in Castlemaine Australia. Her theme is insects and the additional fun of creating a pop-up page! I’m working through some bug images collected back in 2019. I’ll post progress next week here, but I have some up on

I took a little trip to visit my friend Heather (4 miles away) and her critters. Here are a few photos from the visit. Her sheep and llama are lovely, even if they don’t really want to spend time with me. Peppermint is the exception…

Mo the llama love those teeth!
Mo and his flock of Jacob sheep
Peppermint coming for a scritch.

That’s about it for the week. I’ve been trying to get back into swimming, having taken the past 2 weeks off from spring break and extra. Maybe my body will agree with it this time. 18 miles down, 82 to go.

Thanks for checking in!



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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Finishing a page and on to the next

  1. Gale, love the bike page since I recognize the setting, yes to the gears. And your photos of the animals, great. Peppermint could be intimidating, but lovable.
    I just read the latest post and must have missed at least one. What happened to Moby?
    Also, I can’t imagine living with the auto-immune problems, sorry you suffer so. Does the swimming make it worse?
    The butterfly page is beautiful. Do the books get published?
    Love, Jean

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