Completed Cow and Genetic Dogs

Happy March!

My brain is already running crazy with the recent test results from our two dogs. I’m getting ahead of myself… let’s step backwards to the cow completion:

Completed Lunar Ox project
side view of the lovely cow
On display at The Arts Center of Corvallis Oregon

Here she is complete with a pink tongue sticking out. The stand is cedar with a round of gold leaf. Cow is 94% Oregon wool, 4.5% wool from Italy, 1% foam, 0.5% wire. The Italian wool/fur is so amazing! She turned out pretty close to what I envisioned. Working so large has been quite a challenge and I’ve learned so much for the next project (starting very soon!).

During the cow creation, I took a small break and made a quail head for my girlfriend’s birthday. Hopefully I’ll start dedicating more time to bird head explorations in wool. It was very fun to create.

Now, on to the dogs!

I finally turned in Hazel and Moby’s cheek swabs to the Embark company. After several weeks of waiting the results are in and a total surprise! First dog is Hazel:

Hazel’s mothers line is total Mini Schnauzer and her father is the mixed terrier line. The Supermutt has traces of Manchester toy terrier, Chow, and Australian Cattle dog. Such a total surprise!

Now Moby:

Are we surprised by the GWP? No, but 100% was a shock! He’s still a wacky dog and I think it’s time to get his brain back into Nosework. He would really appreciate having some fun with life again.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Artwork, Artwork, Dog, Dog.

Oh, and I’m starting a new sculpture for an upcoming show at The Arts Center! Right now it’s just a bag of carded wool that will turn into something related to science and climate change…

More adventures to come! Including a 700 mile challenge!

Thanks for checking in! Stay safe and healthy out there.

Published by paperstew

I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Completed Cow and Genetic Dogs

  1. Love your Ox and quail. Interesting about the dogs, who can be 100%? Maybe makes him nuttier? Who is doing 700 miles? During covid?

    1. The 700 mile is a 6 month walk/jog challenge that I will be doing daily on the streets and trails near home. Hopefully my feet will let me do it! It breaks down to doing about 3.5 miles per day.
      And yes, sometimes 100% isn’t a good thing, especially when breeders don’t keep tabs on bad traits. Poor Moby received the full nutty version for his genetics.

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