Mooo-ving Forward

Last week I started a post talking about the amazing snow that we were having. Talk about short lived! Oh well, that’s winter in the Willamette Valley! It’s still possible to receive some more during the month of February.

Chickadee and warbler on the feeder

In honor of the upcoming Lunar New Year, I’ve been working on a cow/ox head sculpture. Yes, year of the ox is almost upon us. Last year I started the new tradition of creating a zodiac head just before the new year. Since felting seems to be my current muse, I jumped into this head with gusto! Below are a few images as it’s grown.

started with an interior of foam
I’m using wool from my friends sheep.
The head is growing!
Getting the horns on was a big step and made it start to feel like a real cow.
size comparison against me!
Snout work!
Figuring out eye placement and eyelids.

Tuesday I chose a specific breed : American Milking Devon. This is a heritage breed and boy is it RED! I’m in love with their color! They are a versatile variety that can cover about everything a farmer wants. However, their coat color is going to be an interesting blend which I stressed over. Rather than ordering from my usual Texas supplier, I went to a specialty shop in Maryland. For over a year, I’ve wanted to order from this group. I actually emailed them for recommendations on what fiber to purchase because I wasn’t familiar with the blends. The order has been placed and fiber should arrive early next week? The due date for this piece is Feb 16th.

One of the reasons I chose this breed is the color. The color red symbolizes prosperity for the new year. Red Ox for the New Year!

More to come!

Materials used: Local Oregon Wool, 18g wire, foam

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I'm an artist in Albany Oregon focusing on paper and natural objects for inspiration.

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